About BWB

Welcome to Bites With Babs!

Who’s Babs? Me, I guess. My partner and I use it to address each other… we use it so often it’s almost strange when we use each other’s real names..

I’m T. He’s B. You’ll see more T than B but he’s in the kitchen as much as I am.

This blog is the result of appreciation for writing, photography and my curiosity in the kitchen. I have never been savvy with recipes but I can say, I do love me some food.

What I have always loved and appreciated about blogs is that it is an easily accessible time capsule. Each recipe post with its photos and opinions allows the reader, myself included, to scroll back through meals and re-visit favourites.

To lay it out, 95% of these recipes are not my own. I will have links to the original recipes for reference and to credit the creators. If the recipe is all mine I will be sure to let everyone know.

Disclosure: I don’t personally follow a specific way of eating such as vegan/paleo etc. I try to eat in variation and I try to focus on whole foods. If I try it, and I like it, I will share it.

*All photos are mine unless stated.
*All recipes are not mine unless stated.