Shepherds Pie!

I was convinced that I didn’t like shepherds pie… and now I’m wondering if I had ever actually had it. I just remember reading the of a ketchup bottle that had a recipe for shepherds pie and the recipe included ketchup. Gross. And that was when I decided I didn’t like shepherds pie. But now I’m wondering if it was that recipe or meatloaf… I don’t know. I don’t like meatloaf, but I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever tried it… Hm…

So the last hour of work is generally me thinking of what I’m going to eat for dinner. I had veggies, I had potatos but I didn’t want to make a mushroom soup casserole. So I browsed Food Gawker for some tater recipes and I decided on trying this out.

I appreciate the range of veggies that can be included in this meal. I had broccoli, cauliflower, onions, garlic, carrots, mushrooms and I should have added rosemary! Also zucchini and corn would be great additions to the veggies.

I used ground turkey instead of ground beef but now I know I  easily could have made this vegetarian and it would have been delicious.

I followed the recipe from Laughing Spatula and I think it’s one I will stick with.

With a savoury (and in our case, spicy) casserole base, topping it with mashed potatoes is pure genius. It’s not a heavy meal, you can make it vegetarian and dairy free, it keeps and reheats well and it’s a nice, warm, comforting meal that you’re bound to enjoy. This one’s a keeper.


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