Pancakes are great. But you know what’s better than a sweet pancake? A savoury pancake! Ok, stay with me here.

We actually had okonomiyaki for the first time when out for dinner with Babs’ parents. It tasted good, but Babs and I knew there was definitely room for improvement. Cue Youtube. Our favourite FoodTubers had some great ideas for okonomiyaki and after finding the famed Japanese mayo, we had to make it.

Japanese mayo

I am a huge fan of loading veggies in a meal and I love that this meal calls for cabbage (what other breakfast do you know has cabbage?). But I also appreciate the ability to really customize your Japanese pancake as you see fit.

Chopstick Chronicles provides some insight into this Japanese dish: “Okonomiyaki is a savoury pancake made primarily from shredded cabbage, flour, eggs, and water. It is a very versatile dish that has many adaptations and various topping options, which is why it get’s the name Okonomiyaki, “okonomi” meaning “what you like” and “yaki” meaning grilled.”

We used the recipe from one of our favourite FoodTubers Seonkyoung Longest from Asian at Home and just tweaked it a little. We used savoy cabbage instead of regular green cabbage. But I may try the green cabbage next time. Also we fried up some onions to put in the mix and added pepper. For the next round I think we’re going to get some spice happening as well as mushrooms. You can do so much with this dish that it’s really something anyone can enjoy.

What we learned when making this is yeah, you want a hefty veg-cake but you don’t want to make it so thick that it doesn’t cook all the way through. You want the batter to be crisp and not soggy.

Okonomiyaki! With Japanese mayo and seaweed flakes on top.

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