Butter Chicken!

It’s always nice to go out for a meal to celebrate a special occasion. I mean, who can say no to zero dishes, prep or forethought (other than making that reservation). But when you live in a small town like Babs and I, sometimes those 5 restaurant options don’t really cut it. So for our anniversary we decided to stay close to home and make our own meal!

We opted for a butter chicken and attempted a roti. While the roti didn’t turn out quiiiite the way I had expected it to (although it was still quite good), the butter chicken was hands down the beeeest. It was rich and aromatic and was simple to make. We also had a rice (a safety rice in case the roti didn’t turn out).

All in all the meal was memorable and quite delicious.

My roti recipe was from My Ginger Garlic KitchenI plan to re-visit this recipe so I can right my wrongs because mine were essentially brittle, flat wheat rounds.

Babs handled the butter chicken. Which is probably why it turned out so well.

But the meal came together. Babs followed the recipe from the YouTube video. I’m more of a words girl, so I found the link to the recipe on the blog Maunika Gowardhan.

We jazzed up the jasmine rice with turmeric, curry powder, cloves and Babs achieved the cone shape by stuffing it in a funnel first. It looks great and tasted even better!


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