Freestyle Brunch!

Yams? Check

Bacon? Check

Eggs, onions, spices? Check check check.

What are we making? Who knows?? We’ll see!

Brunch for me means food, with no sensible rhyme or reason. As long as I have my weekend uniform (pjs) and have a hot drink in hand (coffee with Irish cream please and thank you).

This round I played with a breakfast style my sister-in-law introduced me too. I’ll be honest, I had never made brunch with yams before she showed me the yam light.

I chopped and cooked what we had left for bacon, got it out of the pan and set it aside. Using the bacon grease, I fried yam and onion for a bit and then added chopped mushrooms. I also added whatever spices I had. Cayenne, fresh ground pepper, thyme and just a little bit of salt (because we have the salty bacon).

Once these were all well coated and softened I cracked 4 eggs on top and let them fry a little. Then I added the bacon on top of the heap and placed the pan in the oven with the top burner on about 300 F.

This being my first time, I was not entirely sure how long to keep the eggs in for. But I now know, whatever time I did, was a little too long as the eggs came out done. Like fully cooked. I would prefer a medium egg. Next time I will watch and time it a little more carefully to correct that. I also had avocado ready to go for weekend brunch and completely forgot about it.

But I have to say this was a delicious and filling brunch.


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