Freestyle Chicken 

Alriiiiiight! Monday night I remembered we had chicken in the freezer, so I put it out to defrost that night. When I got home for lunch the next day and figured I should do a lil somethin’ with that chicken. SO! I put some random spices in a bag and shook that thing up!

Did it taste good? Of course! Was I surprised it tasted good? Absolutely! I was a little cautious when flavouring but now I realized I should’ve just gone for it. What’d I put in it?

A spoonful of smoked paprika, garlic powder and thyme, salt and pepper. Then I added about an 1/8 of a cup of apple cider vinegar. When we pan fried it we used oil and then added onions, tomatoes, jalapeños and those pickled peppers Babs likes. We served it with rice.

This could definitely use more of all the spices, but it worked out well! We still need to sort out how to get the ultimate crispiness with our chicken…

Update: We had the chicken as a side with salad for Wednesday night’s dinner and Babs is convinced it tastes even better the second time around. We’re also convinced we need to make this bad boy in the oven in the future. 


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