Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread

This one took two rounds. My first try I was very light on the cinnamon sugar for unexplained reasons. Along with that, our ancient oven, as many times as we’ve tried to calibrate it, ran too hot and toasted the bread. So I had to do it again just to know how it was supposed to turn out. I found this recipe here.

The dough rose just as it should. It was tricky to flatten in any sort of square shape. The stacking was the tricky part as the dough stretched and thinned. I used a spatula to assist the second time around.

The first try was burnt on top yet doughy in the centre.
Perfect. And sooo yummy!

This was waaay too good (when made correctly). I’m glad I only made a half batch the second time around.

This cinnamon pull apart bread is an easy, fun self-serve dessert/coffee cake. It pulls apart easily and each bite is coated in crunchy, caramelized cinnamon sugar. I would absolutely make this again in the future!


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